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A wire harness can be viewed as the ‘nervous system’ of a complex mobile vehicle, a power generator or a marine vehicle.  The wire harness connects all of the critical controls within the system, making it a vital part of the overall finished assembly. Kato provides fully custom wire harness manufacturing services focused on offering the customer individualized solutions.


Our cable assemblies range from 38 Awg to 500MCM and offer features such as braided jackets, ruggedization and potting. Custom cable assemblies can be produced to offer better functionality and potential cost improvements for customer specific applications.


A variety of lengths, wire gauges, terminals and designs are key factors to consider when looking for the right battery cable.  Our cables can be coiled with auxiliary wires, harnessed with clips, color tape marked for ease of install, labeled & serialized and kitted with other sub-assemblies for point of use install.


High-pressure and low-pressure over molding are processes that encapsulate and protect critical connections and circuits from harsh environments. Used across a wide range of market sectors, Kato has you covered whether you need engineering or production support for a complex over molding job.  

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