Kato Cable


Kato Cable is a world class wire harness and cable assembly manufacturer located in Mankato, Minnesota.  We have a broad range of capabilities and expertise that provide our customers an innovative partner for their electrical assembly needs.  Kato Cable’s roots started in the industrial power generation market in 2006 and have expanded to include extensive experience in a wide variety of markets such as Medical Device, OEM and Mobile Vehicles, Power Sports, Agriculture, Oil & Gas … and more! 

Our value, the “Kato Advantage”, is our wide range of metrics that are critical to customers.  Starting with our deep ENGINEERING knowledge which keys on form, fit and function across a variety of industries.  Followed by our commitment to being the best PARTNER with industry leading On-Time Delivery and Quality ratings…metrics that deliver a direct impact to our customer’s bottom line.  Anchored by our CULTURE of innovation, diversity, inclusiveness and customer focus.  We encourage you to connect and experience the Kato Advantage!   


Kato Advantage

It’s a holistic approach to looking at the value that you bring to your customers, employees & community.  Our customers relate directly to our responsiveness, our engineering value, our investments that we have made into efficiencies and automation, as well as the key metrics of industry leading Quality and On Time Delivery.  

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