About Us

Kato Cable was founded with the vision of creating a different kind of cable assembly and wire harness company. Our approach is focused on employee success and innovation. With this, we are able to provide repeat quality products to our customer and synchronized innovation up and down the supply chain giving our vendor, ourselves, and our customers the alignment to be successful.

Our Leadership

Eric Else


Founded Kato Cable: 2006
Eric is an entrepreneur and is the founder and CEO of Kato Cable, LLC. Eric was born into an entrepreneurial family and at an early age, he was exposed to manufacturing and technology. This gave him a passion for technology and the ability to see innovative solutions to problems. One of these innovative solutions was to fill a supply chain gap in the wire and cable industry. In 2006, he founded Kato Cable to provide innovative assembly solutions driven by technology and automation.   

“Kato Cable was built to be a different kind of cable and wire harness company. It was built on innovation, automation, and process control to deliver repeat quality products each and every time. Our vision remains to build a company around providing better service to customers in a manner that improves the lives of our employees and the communities in which we live and serve. That is our compass. 

The strategy is simple. Employ top talent driven by innovation. This means we come to work every day to find a better way. Our focus applies technology and automation to all areas of our business to create an industry-leading, quality-focused company that values, respects, and serves our customers, employees, and communities.  

You have our commitment that we will out work, out hustle, and out innovate our competition.”

Matt Lade

Vice President of Operations

Year hired:  2011
Responsibilities:  Quality, Production, Engineering, Accounting and Administration all report through Matt.  His mission is to find Creative Solutions, Opportunities for Automation and Efficiency Improvements – a better way to “Get it Done”.
Career before Kato Cable:  Matt got his start in the industrial manufacturing environment as a Mechanical Drafting & Design Engineer in the Power Generation space.  He then worked his way into an Engineering Manager role.  He also gained some experience in the electronics industry setting up a new validation software for printed circuit board assemblies.
Why Kato Cable?  Kato Cable started as an opportunity for Matt to help put his footprint on a growing organization.  Matt’s influences have helped to create an industry leading engineering & production organization that provides tremendous value to our customers.
Extras:  Competitive dart league player, loves to start the day with a workout!  

Matt Lukasek

Quoting and Sales Engineering Manager

Year hired:  2013
Responsibilities:  Oversees the Product Engineering Team as well as the Engineering quoting team.  He is also a constant collaborator with the Manufacturing Engineering & Production team.
Career before Kato Cable:  Prior to joining the Kato Cable team, Matt was both a Manufacturing & Development Engineer.  His background in the Medical Device space as a Development Engineer has been a catalyst for our company’s growth in that space.
Why Kato Cable?  Mankato ended up being the perfect landing space for Matt and his family, and Kato Cable presented an opportunity for Matt to grow into a leadership position within the organization.
Extras:  Spending time with family, donating time to charitable organizations, downhill skiing, golfing, and enjoying Minnesota’s four seasons. 

Kato Cable Certifications
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